We'll Have A Story

Let’s take a visit to Sunny’s
It’s a Social Club in Red Hook,
You could call it a bar, a tavern,
A bistro, an inn, whatever the name,
It serves alcohol, it works just the same.
It’s the end of a bad week, and almost
Midnight on a Friday night.
There’s* stories here, we’ll take a peek,
Live music; this band’s playing the blues.

We’re both single, and you’re 
Trying to meet someone new.
But, I’m feeling too uptight to mingle,
So I stand by the bar, thinking and 
Hearing the music, watching the crowd,
You know, after two drinks or more,
People are looking better than before,
And over there, will be some story’s star,
Cause here, without any doubt, and 
Without fail, there’s always a story,
A poem, a tale for me to tell.

*[poetic license]

Published in Pivot &
Poet’s Vision