A Woman, I've Tried to
Leave Behind.

Daylight was
Mythic gray, 
Yet bright, 
Though not clear. 
The sky, white, 
Covered, while 
Nearer clouds 
Paraded in front. 

I woke up with the
Wrong woman in my mind. 
A woman, I’ve tried to 
Leave behind.

I was up, ready for her 
And she wasn’t there. 
I had met other women 
Before and after her. 
But when I tried to 
Recall one, someone, 
Anyone, so I could
Go back to sleep, it 
Just would not work.

So I finished a fantasy
Novel by my bed, 
Lit some incense, 
Lit a cigarette, 
Finished the smoke and 
Just covered my head. 

Slept, it seems and 
Must have dreamed 
Once more, for 
I was ready again 
As I opened my eyes. 
So I shut them 
To try to find 
My way back 
To finish what 
Had started, 
But found 
I had to find 
A fantasy 

Published in Bootface